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GIFs: Copy and paste a chart from MS Excel 97

GIFs: Copy and paste charts

The easiest way to include charts, drawings, diagrams and cartoons in your page is to copy and paste them from an Office 97 application. The Office 97 applications will convert the graphics to one of the Web formats automatically. Suppose you want to add a chart from the following Excel 97 spreadsheet into your Web page about advanced statistics:

colour6.gif (12058 bytes) Click on the thumbnail for a larger version

If your video display is working in 256 colours, all you need to do to transfer this image to MS FrontPage Express is:

You will be asked to accept a file name for the image, which is now being saved to the same directory as the Web page.

Save Image to File Dialog Box

You should end up with a diagram like this:


Some combinations of colour may give strange results when converting to Images in FrontPage express. The 'work around' here is simple - change the colour in Excel!