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Aligning images with text

Display images
Wrapping text around images

Display images

As mentioned before, a display image is usually a large image on the page for illustration purposes. The key is to start a new paragraph before inserting larger images.

Display images can be centred just like a paragraph of text.

door50.jpg (11229 bytes)

To centre the image of the church door, just


You can't just click the Align Left or Align Right buttons to left and right align the image - if you do the text in the paragraph below will wrap around the image!

The next section deals with text wrapping.

Wrapping text around images

door50.jpg (11229 bytes)This text is wrapped around the image of the church door, in a similar way to most DTP packages or word processors. The main disadvantage of this effect is that you have no idea how wide the user's page is going to be. You therefore do not know how much space there is going to be for the text.



I would suggest

To achieve the wrapping of text, you should

Note that the representation of the page in FrontPage Express is not accurate. Always check the page in a Web browser.

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