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FrontPage 2002 Tutorials - Folders View shows a directory level representation of your website for each folder or file.

by Tina Clarke

(some tutorials cover FrontPage 2000 as well)

The 'Folders View' shows a directory level representation of your website and a properties list for each folder or file.

Display Hidden Foldersclick to view

If all your folders are not showing it might be because they are hidden, to enable them do the following:

The 'Folders View' in conjunction with the 'Folder List' enables you to work more easily with the folders and files and do sorting you can't do in the 'Navigation View'. Click the top of the columns in the right hand pane, for example 'Name' to sort the folders and files alphabetically, or the 'Modified Date' to sort by date . If you click 'Type' this will enable you sort the file extensions into groups: a great boon, enabling an easier search for a file.

When you click a folder it will open and the contents will be displayed in the right hand pane. If you right click in the pane you can select the option 'Up one level'.

How Folders View looksclick to view

If you wish to select a number of files that are not all next to each other at once, hold down the 'Control' key on the keyboard and make your selection one by one, you can then right click and have a number of options from the pop up box.

To select files next to each other hold down the 'Shift' key on the keyboard and click the top one you want to select and the bottom one you want to select, the files in between will be automatically selected. Now you can either right click for options or drag the files to a new location, even to another open copy of FrontPage. To do this, just hold down the left or right mouse key and drag your selection and hover the mouse pointer over the other FrontPage you have open in the Windows taskbar and it will open up that FrontPage where you can drop your files. Depending on whether you used left or right click: with right click you can move or copy the file; with left click the file will just be copied.

First Published in ABC ~ All 'Bout Computers
Volume 30, Nov 2003