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In this section, you will

Type in some text
Apply text styles such as italic, bold, underline, size and colour
Applying paragraph styles

You should still have MS FrontPage open, with a blank Web page saved as index.htm. Follow the instructions in the table below:

Your ActionComputer response
Click in the document part of the window, so the text insertion point is flashing in the page. The top of the FrontPage Express window goes blue showing that the window is now active
Start typing in the text below.As you reach the end of one line, the line will 'wrap' just like a word processor.
An early and most worthy use of a map to chart patterns of disease was the famous dot map of Dr. John Snow, who plotted the locations of deaths from cholera in central London for September 1854. Deaths were marked by dots and, in addition, the area's eleven water pumps were located by crosses. Examining the scatter over the surface of the map, Snow observed that cholera occurred almost entirely among those who lived near (and drank from) the Broad Street water pump. He had the handle of the contaminated pump removed, ending the neighbourhood epidemic which had taken more than 500 lives.
Click just after the words 'located by crosses' to place the text insertion point there, and press the Enter key once.A paragraph space is inserted after the words 'located by crosses'. The paragraph space is always the same, one blank line.
Click anywhere after a word in your text and press the space bar a few times.Note how nothing happens! In Web pages, only obe space is allowed between words. Other spaces are ignored.
Highlight the words 'almost entirely' and click the Italic button.The highlighted words are made italic. Click somewhere else in the page to clear the highlighting.
Highlight the words 'Dr. John Snow' and click the Bold button.The highlighted words are made bold.
Highlight words of your choice and apply the underline style.Underlining is not a good idea, as you may cause confusion with the usual way of showing hyperlinks.
Highlight some words and phrases and apply colour effects using the Text Colour tool. Which colours are hard to read against the background?
Insert your name at the bottom of the page and then insert the copyright symbol.Make sure you own the copyright to the material you have on your website.

Applying paragraph styles

Web pages are not as flexible as word-processing documents. In particular, there are only a limited range of paragraph styles available. The list includes:

These styles are called paragraph styles because they must be applied to a whole paragraph. You can't apply a heading style to just one word on a line. Applying styles is easy - just highlight the paragraph and select the style from the Change Style list box fpe6.gif (1195 bytes) or from a toolbar button if the style has one.


Headings are used to break up a page into sections and sub-sections. Headings are especially important as search engines recognise the style and use the information to index pages. Headings are numbered in importance, the most important being Heading 1 and the least Heading 6.

Change Style list entryAppearance in MSIE 4
fpe20.gif (2961 bytes)heading.gif (9549 bytes) (Click on the thumbnail for a larger version) As you can see, the default settings for the browser make the text for headings 4, 5 and 6 smaller than the 'normal' text.

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