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Keyboard Shortcuts for FrontPage 98 Editor

Enter Paragraph Break   (double-space)

Alt-Enter - Open properties for selected text or object

Ctrl-Spacebar - Returns highlighted text to default font, size & colour

Shift + Enter Line Break - (single-space)

Ctrl-Z - Undo

Ctrl-Y - Redo

Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Insert - Copy

Ctrl-V or Shift-Insert - Paste

Ctrl-o - Open a file

Ctrl-n - New file

Ctrl-s - Save file

Ctrl-p - Print file

F7 - Spell check

Shift+F7 - Thesaurus

Ctrl-A - Select all

Ctrl-F - Find

Ctrl-H - Replace

Ctrl-K - Create hyperlink

Don't forget! Right-click on any object to access the Properties "Reload" your page in the browser after you save changes to your page.