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Free NEW FrontPage Add-ons for versions 98, 2000, 2002 and 2003

If it's Free, an add-on, if it's for FrontPage it's listed here. Do you know of a add-on or plug-in that is not listed? Spread the word and email me with details.

ExtraJS -  Updated

This add-in consists of Five JavaScript's which can add additional functionality to your Web site.

Add to favourites folder

Adds a link or an image that once clicked adds the page to the browser's favourites.

Insert a Slide Show

This adds a slide of pictures displayed one picture at a time with NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons. IE users will see a transition effect when pictures change.

Display the Current Date

Adds current date according to clients clock.

Scrollbar colour

This changes the colour of scrollbar colour; it has an easy to use colour picker. You can add the effect to single page, all pages, or a linked style sheet.

Fading Messages

Continuously displays text or html messages in a specified location. Messages will show up with a fading effect.

Show & Hide

This addin adds a block of content to your web page. The block is initially hidden, by clicking the heading link the block is either displayed or hidden. Useful for FAQs.

New feature:
Previously when an addin needs to add JavaScript functions it used to add them in the head section of your page. Now you have the option to add these functions to an external text file and link them to your page automatically. The benefits of such feature is to make the page  head section smaller.

FrontPage Database Troubleshooting Utility

The FrontPage Database Troubleshooting Utility checks for the following items that may cause a Database Results Region page to fail: - The absence of a Global.asa file. - Whether the Global.asa file is running. - Whether the Global.asa file is running outside of the Web. - The absence of any database connections in the Web.

FrontPage Geeks

FrontFX Case Changer

Simply highlight the test you wish to be changed, select the FrontFX Case Changer, select a style and the jobs done!

FrontFX DoDraw - Donationware

Utilise Microsoft Drawing and Charting quickly and easily within FrontPage (2k/02) in Image Format (Including converting from Draw components of FP02 to images)

Note: May Require Other Office Components to be Installed.

FrontFX Galleria

This new addin creates a Image Gallery type Shopping Cart in which users can select images across your website to later be compiled into a single page gallery of images.

FrontFX PrintWeb

Ever wanted to print a listing of Files/Folders etc from your current web? Not that easy is it? Well it is now, thanks to FrontFX PrintWeb. Fully optioned and ready to report!

FrontFX Picture Splitter

No more switching to other graphic applications or utilities to cut up large images, functionality is now built into FrontPage 2000.

FrontFX ET Image Reporter

Have you ever wanted to check all the images in your FrontPage web to ensure that there are no broken images ?

Screen Calipers

They are a unique on-screen measurement tool. They resemble real life calipers in both form and function and are now linked directly from Microsoft FrontPage for seamless integration.

PageWeight Add-in

With PageWeight, you have one-click access to the main factors that contribute to the size of a page. When the PageWeight window is displayed, you will see: size of page in KB, total number of characters, total number of font tags, total number of scripts, total size of all images and a breakdown of each image and how large it is. This add-on is only available free from the Microsoft Downloads section, the developers ( D2Stuff )provide it, but only as part of their other packages.

AccVerify® SE™

Provides verification and reports all errors/non-compliance with accessibility policy and standards for Web sites under the WCAG 1.0 P1-P3 Guidelines and the Section 508 standards. In addition, the software provides a complete checklist for standards that must be manually verified to take you 100% of the way to an accessible Web site.

Not content with providing this FREE FrontPage Add-on HiSoftware also provides an E-Book to go with it HiSoftware® Understanding Accessibility eBook for Microsoft® Reader & PDF   (You must register to receive your free copy)

Link Validation Utility

Dramatically reduce errors related to site presentation and usability with this comprehensive Link Validation tool.This addon provides "out-of-the-box" testing and reporting for Accessibility, Privacy, Searchability and Usability standards. The value-added Link Validation tool provides structure and organization validation to your site, allowing both content and site structure to be of the highest quality.

Note the Professional Version Comes with any HiSoftware Promotion product or Accessibility Product Suite at no charge.

Self-service Site Creation SharePoint Team Services

Server administrators can use the Self-Service Site Creation Add-in to allow users to create a SharePoint team Web site automatically as a subweb of the root web, without needing administrator rights to the root web. For developers, this add-in is also an example of the types of automations you can create for SharePoint Team Services. If you want to create  your own add-in, or customize this one, you can use the source files that are included in this download.

Document Manager

This add-in allows users to open/save and close multiple documents. Quickly select a document from the list of open documents. Additionally, users can see files by filenames or by TITLE.

Sort Add-in

(Available only at MS but developed by Matt Cohen)
You can sort text, numbers, or data in ascending order (A to Z, zero to 9, or earliest to latest date) in lists or tables. Or, you can sort in descending order (Z to A, 9 to zero, or latest to earliest date). This add-in sorts Tables, lists, Paragraphs and Fields as well.


(Available only at MS but developed by Matt Cohen)
Tables are commonly used on Web pages to organize and present information in rows and columns, in much the same way tables are used in print documents. Table AutoFormat provides the users an easy way to give their tables a professional look to display information on the Web, without having to know how to work with HTML tags.

Document Selector

This add-in allows users to quickly select a document from the list of open documents. Additionally, users can see files by filenames or by TITLE.

Microsoft FrontPage Extensions for Web Storage System Forms

The Microsoft FrontPage Extensions for the Web Storage System provide simple, flexible HTML forms backed by data in Exchange folders. With these forms, you can customize or replace Outlook Web Access forms and views. FrontPage Extensions for Web Storage System forms include: Integration with the FrontPage Forms Editor View Design Time Control Outlook Web Access Design Time Control Simple List Application Template Form Registration Editor Context-sensitive Help.

Kaosweaver Breadcrumbs FP02 v1.1

Create a "breadcrumb" at the top of your Web pages so that users can track where they are on the Web site. This Add-in utilizes the site directory to provide easy navigation within your Web site. Help for Kaosweaver Breadcrumbs

Date Insertion for FP02 v1.0.0

Displays the current date on the page in any desired format, order, or punctuation. Each  element is set separately. It currently supports the following languages: Albanian, Danish,  Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. Help for Date Insertion

Advantrics FrontFinder V1.0 (Beta)

This great tool helps you to organize your FrontPage Themes, Page Templates, and Web Templates. Web developers and those with many templates will find this tool invaluable. You may delete and archive themes and templates

Mobile WML Converter

The WML (Wireless Markup Language) protocol is specifically designed for browsing by wireless mobile devices such as wireless phones. The tool recursively searches through the folders of the HTML Web site you specify when you run the tool, reading the contents and hyperlinks contained in the site's HTML files. The tool then creates WML card files from the contents and hyperlinks discovered during the search, and stores the converted files in the destination directory that you enter. It does not modify your HTML source files.

Mobile HTML Optimizer

Small information appliances and mobile devices such as smart phones and mobile PDAs are more and more widely in use to access Web content. However, because most Web pages are designed for desktop PCs with large displays in mind, it is cumbersome to browse these Web pages on a mobile device with a small screen. This tool automatically adapts the web pages of a static Website according to the target mobile device's screen size.