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Free FrontPage Add-ons for versions 98, 2000 and 2002

If it's Free, an add-on, if it's for FrontPage it's listed here. Do you know of a add-on or plug-in that is not listed? Spread the word and email me with details.

Please note that any new FrontPage Addons are now added to AddonFP a sister site of AccessFP

Channel Cash

The first FrontPage add-in for merchant affiliate programs--and it's free! From Webs Unlimited, makers of J-Bots and other FrontPage add-ins.

Start earning money on your FrontPage web sites by adding merchant affiliate links with Channel Cash! Each time your visitor clicks on a merchant link from your site and buys, you earn commissions!

Webs Unlimited has teamed up with Be Free, the leader in online performance marketing, to bring you Channel Cash--the exciting new add-in for FrontPage web sites. Joining a merchant affiliate program doesn't have to be a chore anymore!

How Channel Cash works:

Channel Cash helps you sign up, set up, and maintain your affiliate memberships:

Microsoft FrontPage 2000/2002/2003 Com Add-ins

FP2k/02 add-ins & Utilities All these are Free at Jimco's site.


FP2k Users: You will need version in order to use Spawn. If you dl an earlier version, please download the latest version.

Easily create popup windows in FrontPage. If you need to create a hyperlink that opens in a new window and you need full control over the appearance of that window.

Clean Table 2k only

Clean Table removes the "AutoNumber" ID attribute from tables when pages are saved. If you've added your own ID attribute, Clean Table will not remove it.

IMPORTANT: If you install this add-in on a machine running FrontPage 2000, you may experience errors in FrontPage 2000.

This is a new version that corrects the runtime error when saving a page for the first time.

No New Page 3.0 FrontPage 2k0/02

The add-in now prevents the new page when FrontPage is launched.
This add-in will prevent the new_page_#.htm that FrontPage automatically creates for you.

IMPORTANT: Because of the way FrontPage works, this add-in will cause any new pages that you create to be automatically closed if you switch away from the FrontPage window and then back to it before the page is changed or saved. To prevent this, simply make any change (even a single space) or save the new pages before you switch away from FrontPage.

Space Replacer FrontPage 2k0/02

This add-in replaces spaces in file and folder names with an underscore character.

ContextExport 1.0 02 only

Adds an Export item to the context menu (popup menu) when you right-click on a file in FrontPage. Now you can just right-click your file and click Export on the menu!

Important note for FrontPage 2000 users:
This add-in is not compatible with FrontPage 2000. If you install it into FrontPage 2000, you will receive errors when launching FrontPage. (These errors will stop once the add-in is uninstalled.)

Close All (Visual Studio.NET Edition)

This add-in adds a Close All command to the File menu in Visual Studio.NET.

Close All 2.0 (FrontPage Edition 2k/02)

Adds two new options to the File menu.
Close All
Close all open files. You will be prompted to save any unsaved files.
Save and Close All
Automatically save all open files and then close them. Any unsaved files will be saved automatically without a prompt.

This add-in is a replacement for Alt-text for Image Maps. It now uses the title attribute for the popups and corrects some problems in the original add-in.

Scripter 1.0 FrontPage 2k0/02

Scripter allows you to configure a linked JavaScript or VBScript file. Select a script file and Scripter will tell you which files in your Web are currently linking to that script. You can then add and remove files very easily.

This is an updated version that allows you to choose whether or not to parse the Web automatically when a script file is selected.

Updated on 5/17 to correct a runtime error on Webs without a home page.

Hotspot Tooltips FrontPage 2k0/02

Hotspot Tooltips makes it easy to add popup tooltips to your image maps!

Page Titles FrontPage 2k0/02

Analyze and change page titles pronto! You can perform a bulk title change or change individual titles.

With this add-in, you can choose to have FrontPage automatically use the title of your choice for all new pages on a per-Web basis.

Version 1.0.167
This version corrects numerous problems with this add-in. If you have an earlier version installed, please uninstall it prior to installing this version.

Note to ASP.NET Developers
FrontPage's object model (the means by which FrontPage is controlled programmatically) does not recognize the Title property of ASPX pages. Therefore, Page Titles will not show the title correctly in the user interface. However, any changes made with Page Titles will be correctly written to the page and will display correctly when browsing ASPX pages.

Selective Publish 3.0 New Version!

Selective Publish 3.0 allows you to easily specify whether to publish individual files or folders.

How is this better than FrontPage's built-in functionality? Simple! With Selective Publish 3.0, you can simply right-click on a folder to set all files in that folder so that they won't publish! Without Selective Publish, you have to set the publish status for each file individually or make that folder a subweb.

We think Selective Publish is by far the best option available for managing publish status in FrontPage.

Jimco Meta 2.0 FrontPage 2k0/02

Jimco Meta 2.0 makes it easy to add meta tags to your FrontPage Web!

Control whether or not the IE6 Image toolbar is displayed on your pages.
Add Keywords and Description tags for search engines.
Add refresh tags to redirect the browser after a specified amount of time.
Add cache-control tags to control the caching of your page in a user's browser.
Add an Author meta tag to identify you as a page's author.
Control whether or not FrontPage puts its own meta tags on a page

This update (version 2.0.58) corrects a couple of bugs and adds the ability to control whether or not the Internet Explorer 6.0 Image toolbar is displayed on your pages. It also corrects a problem with an earlier package that did not include a necessary file.

Multi-page Background FrontPage 2k0/02

Multi-page Background allows you to easily add a background image to multiple pages in one easy step.

Style Sheet Linker FrontPage 2k0/02

Style Sheet Linker is a more robust way to apply style sheet links to your pages. You can even see a preview before applying your changes!

Hyperlink Underline Remover FrontPage 2k0/02

Hyperlink Underline Remover allows you to add an embedded style sheet to selected pages that will remove the underline from your hyperlinks. No HTML hand-coding required!

No FrontPage Meta FrontPage 2k0/02

No FrontPage Meta will remove the GENERATOR and ProgId meta tags when you save your pages.

Note: You may notice that FrontPage adds the meta tags back when your page is opened. The add-in will still always remove the meta tags when the page is saved. Therefore, you may still see the meta tags if you look at HTML view from within FrontPage. To ensure that the tags are removed, view the source in your browser or view the file in Notepad or another text editor.

Case Changer 1.5 FrontPage 2k0/02

Case Changer will change all files and folders in your Web to lower case. This is a life saver when working with Unix servers!

Jimco Open Web FrontPage 2k0/02

Jimco Open Web adds a menu item to the File menu in FrontPage that will bypass Web Folders when opening Webs.

Pre-publish 2k only
If you have an unsaved page open when you publish, FrontPage will not publish your changes. Pre-publish runs in the background and prompts you to save any unsaved changes prior to publishing.

Note to FrontPage 2002 Users:
While this add-in will not cause problems with FrontPage 2002, the functionality is built into FrontPage 2002, so this add-in is not needed.

Save All 2k only

Save All adds a menu item to the File menu in FrontPage that saves all unsaved pages.

Updated Version
This updated version corrects a runtime error when opening a file after a new FrontPage window is opened. Uninstall any previous versions before installing the new version.

Flasher FrontPage 2k0/02

Easily add and configure Flash movies (swf files) in FrontPage.

This is a new version that is updated for Flash 6.0.

Page Margins 2002 02 only

Select your page margins for Internet Explorer and Netscape quickly and easily.

This add-in was designed specifically for FrontPage 2002. If you are a FrontPage 2000 user who would like to be able to use this add-in, let us know!

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