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Features: The Menu, Toolbar, and Status Bar

The Menu
Icons specific to IC
Status Bar

 The Menu:

The Menu click to view

The menu for Image Composer is similar to that of other Windows applications and provides access to all functions. Most of the functions specific to Image Composer can be accessed more readily through the Toolbox, and will be discussed later. One special menu item should be noted, however: the Plug-Ins. Plug-ins are special editing tools that help you create special effects easily. Image Composer comes with an Impressionist plug-in built in, and is compatible with most plug-ins written for Adobe Photoshop, such as Kai's Power Tools.

Icons specific to IC:

Icons specific to Image Composer click to view

Most of the icons on the toolbar will be familiar to Windows users. The following ones are specific to Image Composer:

Insert inserts existing graphics file into the current composition

Duplicates duplicates the selected sprite

Selects All selects all sprites

Clears clears the current selection

Selector selector for color palettes

Current Size shows the current composition in full size

Zoom zoom control

Status Bar:

Status Bar click to view

The Image Composer status bar provides some useful information on the location and size of sprites. The X and Y coordinates shown to right of "selection" show the location of the upper left corner of the selected sprite (the upper left corner of the composition is located at [0,0]). The width and height dimensions of the sprite are shown to the right of the location. The other X and Y coordinates to the far right give the current location of the mouse pointer.