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The GIF Animator toolbar includes the following buttons

  New Icon  (873 bytes) New  

Creates a new file.

   Open Icon  (960 bytes) Open  

Opens an existing file. If you use this while a file is open, GIF Animator warns that current changes will be lost and prompts you to save your changes.

   Save Icon (926 bytes) Save  

Saves changes to the active file.

   Insert Icon (951 bytes) Insert  

Inserts an additional .GIF file into the current animation. The file is inserted before the current selected frame.

   Save As Icon (982 bytes) Save As  

Saves changes to a new file name.

   Cut Icon (844 bytes) Cut  

Removes the selected image and copies it to the Clipboard.

   Copy Icon (955 bytes) Copy  

Copies the selected image to the Clipboard.

   Paste Icon  (927 bytes) Paste  

Places a cut or copied image from the Clipboard at the insertion point.

   Delete Icon (855 bytes) Delete  

Removes the selected image without copying to the Clipboard.

   Select All Icons (962 bytes) Select All  

Selects all images in the current animation.

   Move up or down Icons (1020 bytes) Move Up/Down  

Positions the selected image one frame closer to the
beginning or to the end of the current animation.

   Preview Icon (829 bytes) Preview  

Plays the results of your work without saving it.

   Help Icon (915 bytes) Help  

Opens this Help file.

To cancel the opening or saving of files, press ESC