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Troubleshooting Microsoft FrontPage

The "Article Listing" section of this article includes a 
subset of Knowledge Base articles about troubleshooting Microsoft FrontPage.

Note that because Microsoft Technical Support is constantly adding new information to the Knowledge Base, not all articles are listed here. For this reason, you may want to look on the Web to find the information you are looking for. Microsoft Technical Support on the Web is located at the following address on the World Wide Web:

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Q184406     FP98: Import Web Wizard Imports More Levels Than Specified
Q183045     FP98: Background Styles Page Not Updated After Publishing Web
Q183042     FP98: Error Trying to Edit Page From Web Browser
Q183040     FP98: Images in Centered Bulleted List Are Left Aligned
Q183039     FP98: Files Remain After Removing Theme From Page
Q183034     FP98: Navigation Bars Don't Show up on Search  Results Page
Q183030     FP98: Deleting Web in Root Directory Erases Drive Contents
Q183029     FP98: Auto Thumbnail on the Tools Menu is  Unavailable
Q183028     FP98: Animations Are Unavailable When Editing Shared Border
Q182815     FP: Permissions Command is Not Available on the Tools Menu
Q182808     FP98: Auto Thumbnail Has Broken Hyperlink After  Publishing Web
Q182805     FP98: Title Tag Repositioned After the Meta Tag  When Saving Page
Q182724     FP1: Cannot Open File When Folder Contains Slash "/" Character
Q182692     FP98: Table of Contents Page in Discussion Web   Doesn't Update
Q182690     FP98: Access Denied Error When Publishing Your Web
Q182689     FP98: Cannot Change Server Name, Path in Web   Publishing Wizard
Q182687     FP: Cannot Access Help After Importing Files from  Floppy Disk
Q182685     FP97: 24-bit BMP and TIF Images Saved in GIF Format
Q182675     FP98: Search Does Not Return Any Articles in   Discussion Web
Q182674     FP98: Relative Hyperlinks Converted to Absolute Hyperlinks
Q182616     FP: FrontPage Cannot Open a Macintosh   Disk-based Web
Q182615     FP98: Some FrontPage Content Scores Low w/   Some Search Engines
Q182611     FP98: Radio Button Validation Removed After    Reopening Page
Q182123     FP: No Access to Form Properties by Right-Clicking Form Field
Q181981     FP: Cannot Remove Executable Property of Root Folder
Q181979     FP: Setup Switches Available in FrontPage 97 and 98
Q181746     FP98: Hit Counter Doesn't Work in Subweb on Netscape Servers
Q181662     FP98: Hit Counter Doesn't Advance Past 1 on IIS
Q181654     FP: Hyperlink Font Color Settings not Visible in Browser
Q181653     FP98: Error using Progressive JPEG for Button on  Disk-Based Web
Q181227     FP: Invalid Page URL Error Saving Page in FrontPage  Editor
Q181205     FP98: HTTP Error 404 Submitting Form w/Save  Results Form Handler
Q181136     FP98: Page Banner Blank if it Contains   Quotation Mark
Q180828     FP98: Can't Open Shared Border File From   FrontPage Explorer
Q180383     FP: Modified By Attribute Displays as a     Question Mark
Q180381     FP98: Import Web Wizard Replaces Spaces in Files    with %20
Q180380     FP98: Cannot Edit Text over Image After Inserting Image Hotspot
Q180308     FP98: Broken Link Replaces Page Banner w/16-bit Netscape Browser
Q180304     FP1: Can't See Pointer w/9600 Graphics Accelerator,   Twin Turbo
Q179940     FP98: Gray Box, Error Using Hover Button with    32-bit Color
Q179730     FP98: "HTTP Error Code 405" Opening or Publishing    a Web
Q179627     FP98: Error, Problems Using GIF Image and     Hover Button
Q179626     FP98: Prompted to Save Unchanged Clip Art Image      from HTML View
Q179625     FP: Using Image Command Inserts Video as Graphic     Not Video
Q179624     FP98: Error Browsing Page with Include Page   Component
Q179267     FP: No 32-bit TCP/IP Error After Installing Winsock 2.0
Q179266     FP: No Server on Port <Number> at <Server Name>
Q179263     FP98: Import Web Does Not Import Navigational  Structure
Q179262     FP: JavaScript Moves from <Head> to <Body>    Element
Q179246     FP98: Text Animations on Included Pages Not    Functioning
Q179193     FP1: Error Using Extensions Manager Control Panel
Q179188     FP98: [FrontPage Save Results Component] Shows      Instead of Form
Q179182     FP98: Publishing Breaks Links to Images That        Have Moved
Q179181     FP: Page Margins Not Visible in Browser
Q179064     FP98: Nothing Happens Clicking Hover Button     with Hyperlink
Q178483     FP98: Hover Buttons and Banner Ads Show Class  Not Found
Q178482     FP98: Channel Definition File Does Not Recognize    New File Names
Q178476     FP98: Unable to Create Disk Based Web  Below the HD Root
Q178454     FP97: Centered Form Does Not Preview as Centered  in Navigator
Q178447     FP98: Page Display Incorrect or Slow in    Navigation View
Q178446     FP98: Table on Page with Shared Borders      Causes Problems
Q177907     FP98: Script Error Browsing Page that Contains     Navigation Bars
Q177481     FP98: Channel Definition Wizard Doesn't Accept Port    Numbers
Q177480     FP98: "Specified Location Cannot Be Found" Using   Import Wizard
Q177479     FP1: Invalid Hard Disk Name Causes Error Opening,   Creating Web
Q177087     FP98: Unable to Insert Text Overlays On     Animated GIFs
Q177080     FP98: Banner Ad Manager Does not Preview       Correctly
Q176927     FP98: Newest to Oldest Order Doesn't Work in    Discussion Web
Q176900     FP98: Hover Button and Banner Ad Manager       Preview as a Gray Box
Q176659     FP97: Applet Properties Not Auto Saved in       FrontPage Editor
Q176374     FP: Broken Hyperlink After Creating Corporate       Presence Web
Q176368     FP98: Not All Office Clipart Visible in    FrontPage Editor
Q176367     FP1: IMS TwinTurbo Acceleration May Cause Display Problems
Q176366     FP1: Could Not Make Connection Error Starting FP   for Macintosh
Q176359     FP: Video Controls Do Not Appear in the Browser
Q175790     FP98: Navigation Bars Do Not Appear on the   Home Page
Q175765     FP98: Wrong Characters Displayed After Changing   HTML Encoding
Q175727     FP98: Page Banner/Navigation Bar Don't Display on  Published Page
Q175721     FP98: Page Transition Not Available on Frames Page
Q175718     FP1: Macintosh FP TCP/IP Test Reports   as IP Address
Q175711     FP98: Can't See Links in Shared Border Files in    Hyperlinks View
Q175456     FP97: "Found an Error in Spelling Files" Error
Q175285     FP98: Page Banner Remains After Undoing   Drag and Drop
Q175210     FP: Search Finds No Documents if Title Length > 254   Characters
Q175174     FP: Hyperlink Not Updated in HTML Source if Linked     Page Renamed
Q175171     FP98: JavaScript Error if Animation Applied Only   to Image
Q174429     FP98: Refresh Does Not Update Shared Borders   w/ Multiple Users
Q174428     FP98: Publishing CDF File to Server Breaks Link to  Home Page
Q174427     FP98: Form Name Overwritten if Field Validation is Specified
Q174425     FP98: No Icon for Script, Formatting, or   Inserted HTML
Q174423     FP98: Duplicate Files Listed in Create Hyperlink   Dialog Box
Q174181     FP98: Navigation Bar Doesn't Show Top-Level  Pages
Q174013     FP98: Table Properties Not Available After Erasing Table Lines
Q173928     FP98: Changing Page Title Won't Change Title in    Navigation View
Q173437     FP98: Some FrontPage Components Do Not Work on Disk-Based Webs
Q173419     FP98: Preview Tab Not Available in FrontPage Editor Window